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Oldhaven by Araknophobia Oldhaven by Araknophobia
Small map for a city in one of my D&D settings. Done in Photoshop.
Spectra-eris Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013
It bugs me that all the small houses are placed so chaotically and also the lack of streets. It seems like many of the small houses are inaccessible because they're clustered so tightly together, unless the roofs are bigger than the actual house, in which case its fine then. The buildings in the center looks disproportionally bigger than the small houses.
I like the plan of the city though, with an inner and outer ring. And I love the concept of associating the four different outer gates with animals, and that the gates have different designs! :D
Araknophobia Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Professional General Artist
You're right about the buildings. The ones within the inner circle are destined to noble families and date back to when Oldhaven was founded (aside from the temples of Swarog and Korchun, conflicting deities whose temples were built later). They're huge, with solid walls and an incredible amount of rooms and halls. The ones outside are considered slums, amassed one on the other, often with roofs that become stairs and lead to upper houses, or narrow streets that descend into the ground, where halfling and dwarves reside. Each building is composed of two or three rooms, and terribly dirty.
The four gates were named after the animals that the four Founding Houses hosted on their banners; although the last heirs of those families are unknown and their heritage lost. Heh, talking about Oldhaven makes me think of the never-finished campaign that led my players there. Maybe one day...
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